Hope4Boro as a movement owes a lot to a few key networks which came before it. One is Nexus – a network of youth workers which developed to create a more supportive, cohesive and holistic community sector. The other is Synergy – a group you probably haven’t heard a great deal about. Synergy is a small group of local activists dedicated to forging creative spaces for new connections to flourish here in Boro. They also help get funding for grassroots people and projects, but their focus is on connecting people to dream new dreams for our town.

On Tuesday 24th March 2015, Synergy are hosting a simple gathering for the dreamers and doers. It’s at Acklam Rugby Club in Saltersgill and will revolve around a free Mexican meal – spread out over four-courses to space out table discussions. After each course you move to a new table and meet a new set of people and discuss the future of Middlesbrough. Cross pollination!

We think it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to make new links (maybe new front-line friends), to be inspired by the good being done all over town and to spend some time imagining what could happen. Hope4Boro is working with Synergy on creating some bold new platforms for us to share positive stories, inspirational ideas and to see what kind of transformation could spill out of those conversations. Is this something you’d love to be part of? You might only just be starting, wishing you could make more of a difference to this place. Maybe you’re already a local hero?

Come on the 24th if you can. Booking is required but it’s free and you’ll get a good welcome. If you can’t come, why not get connected via Hope4Boro.
We’ll be seeing more of each other 🙂 Watch out for more events like this and our soon to be released web of ordinary radicals.
Be the change you wish to see in the world, amigos. Keep the dream alive and get yourself connected!

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