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Boro SOUP #39

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Boro SOUP #40

Thurs 20th Aug 2020
6:30pm – live stream

Boro SOUP #41

Thurs 15th Oct 2020
6:30pm – live stream









 Boro SOUP is back with a schedule of live crowdfunding suppers across 2020.

Be a part of the grass-roots movement.
Despite the lockdown you can still join us for live streamed SOUP events, raising money for projects during the COVID-19 crisis.

SOUP is the live crowdfunding supper, connecting people who care about Boro, supporting 3 great causes each event, putting the power for change in our hands


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Projects supported

After our 37th evening of crowd-sourced, grassroots fun we’re planning for more events in 2020. SOUP will alternate with Mixing Pot – a similar event but focused on sharing ideas rather than raising funding. Come and join us! Have a say in making Boro even better!

SOUP is a bi-monthly live crowdfunding supper, connecting people who care about Boro, supporting 3 great causes each event,
putting the power for change in our hands.

Alternating with SOUP is Mixing Pot. A night of conversation around the radical ideas already emerging in Teesside.

March Soup chat
Meet with a vibrant movement of people who want to see Boro transformed

Raise money for local charities! Please donate what you can Every penny is match funded to make a bigger difference! Together we’ve raised over £22,000 so far!

Great food included in your entry Sample a selection of gorgeous soups with a bread roll
Find out more about the projects who’ve pitched at previous events:

Sam Henderson

Promoting the use of renewable energyFebruary 2016I believe that renewable energy should be much more widespread I had the idea that institutional building should be the ones to set the example with this by using solar panels and where possible wind turbines which...

David Gee

Boro AngelsApril 2017We patrol the night-time community looking out for and helping vulnerable people. We do it because it's very rewarding and we enjoy engaging with people. Since pitching at SOUP we have been trying to replicate our night-time work during the day in...

Liz Edwards

RubiesJune 2017We support girls in Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland to increase self-esteem and make safe choices. We provide courses and social activities helping girls know they are valued. Middlesbrough is statistically the worst place to grow up as a girl. We...

Anne Hood

PercyNovember 2016Percy is a community interest company which aims to provide a creative reuse centre.We are a none profit organisation which means all funds raised are ploughed back into the project which is fully staffed by unpaid volunteers. We do it not only...

Sarah Gardiner

ACORN TeessideMay 2018Our job is to give tenants a voice and stand up for their rights when landlords are not meeting expected standards. Unfortunately the scheme didn’t work out in Teesside. In Teesside we found homelessness to be more of an issue than private...

Ellie Lowther

Trans Aware & Essential Learning Curve Ltd. November 2016I believe diversity is to be celebrated,valued,supported and understood. Since I pitched at Soup Trans Aware has supported 300+ people and my awareness training sessions have been delivered to over 10...

Lizzie Falconer

60 Minute Alley MakeoverMay 2018It’s a series of events where a team of us meet up to decorate alleys in Boro. Examples include painting walls, upcycling pallets into a community garden and having fun together. With the cash from SOUP we regenerated our alley at...

Lawrie & Stacey

Recipe November 2015 January 2018 September 2019  We provide a safe environment for vulnerable, homeless and less fortunate people to come for a hot meal every Friday. We also provide a support group after. This is a safe space to share openly with peers on a...

Katie Gething & Sam Henderson

TeasideSeptember 2017We are a local herbal tea business and social enterprise group, we are passionate about local food and good health. Since pitching at SOUP we have been able to expand our range of herbal teas. we work with most local grass roots projects, sharing...

Bex James

Shower Me With Love UK November 2015 Whilst volunteering for a soup kitchen we took a gentleman to some secure accomodation; on the journey he had said he just wanted to be clean to feel human again. On arrival he asked if there was a towel or bar of soap available he...

Adrian Moule

Painter/ Printer/ Community Developmemt WorkerOctober 2016 8th June 2017 I want to see people working together, sharing their skills finding out about themselves, reduce their anxiety and increasing joy. I try to develop and support projects and help others by working...

Richard Pink

Cannon Street RevisitedSeptember 2016The group brings together former residents of the Cannon Street area and their descendants and is compiling a digital archive of photographs and memories. My family was from this area and I have a strong interest in family and...

Annie Curry

Health and Arts, South BankJune 2017 We are a peer led support group with a common interest in using the arts to raise confidences and nurture self esteem. We do it because a healthy sense of self underpins emotional and mental wellbeing and we all need some support...

Scarlet Pink

Friends of Natures WorldFebruary 2016 July 2018  We are a group of over 30 volunteers maintaining the gardens and wildlife areas at the former eco centre with the aim of protecting the area for the future. We would like Nature's World to be a community hub again and...

Annalice Sibley

TRAC UKJuly 2017We are a substance misuse charity and we do it because we have lived out this experience and therefore have a passion for helping others. Since pitching at Soup we have been working towards a model where we won't need to be reliant on grant funding. If...
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The live crowdfunding supper for Middlesbrough
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