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Boro SOUP #33

Thurs 19th Sept 2019
Off the Ground TS1 5AS

#34: Our 4th Anniversary

5th December 2019, 
St Barnabas, Linthorpe

Boro SOUP returned to Off the Ground on 19th September for our 33rd event. And we passed the £20,000 mark in total donations!!

Come join us for a celebration of grassroots community awesomeness in our town when we host our 4th anniversary event at St Barnabas on 5th October

SOUP is the live crowdfunding supper, connecting people who care about Boro, supporting 3 great causes each event, putting the power for change in our hands


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After our 32nd evening of crowd-sourced, grassroots fun we’re planning for more events from September Stay tuned for more info. Come and join us! Have a say in making Boro even better!

SOUP is a bi-monthly crowdfunding night, connecting people who care about Boro, supporting 3 great causes each event, putting the power for change in our hands.

Alternating with SOUP is Mixing Pot. A night of conversation around the radical ideas already emerging in Teesside.

March Soup chat
Meet with a vibrant movement of people who want to see Boro transformed

Raise money for local charities! Please donate what you can Every penny is match funded to make a bigger difference! Together we’ve raised over £20,000 so far!

Great food included in your entry Sample a selection of gorgeous soups with a bread roll
Are you new to Boro Soup or reminiscing? How about a throwback to some previous events….
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Coming soon: a rogues gallery of Soup presenters
We have a souperb list of people and groups who have presented so far. Here you’ll find a list of them. As this site continues to develop we’ll build up more info on each project so that you can stay in touch after the event is over. We are a network, after-all.
Lawrie and Stacey
Talking about Recipe, a community group working with people in central Middlesbrough recovering form addiction
Rebecca James
Shower me with Love was a charity providing the homeless and hard-up with basic sanitary items. It helped a lot of people during its time.
Paul Catterall
Open Door, working with refugees and asylum seekers
Fran Garrity
A community meal on Christmas Day, held at Middlesbrough Community Church
Jane Craig
Billingham Parish Church, providing a community meal on Christmas Day
Scarlet Pink
Hands on Middlesbrough is a environmental-focused network seeking to bring life and attention to the green spaces around town.
Sam Henderson
Sam had an idea for experimenting with innovative energy harnessing techniques, to help us find more sustainable ways of living
Andy McCALL-Smith
Andy is teh pioneer behind an alley scheme in Linthorpe – using resourceful means to bring life and community to his back-alley
Coulby kids
Several young people from Coulby Newham pitched on their idea to tidy their neighbourhood
Emma Mussard
Annalise presented on behalf of an idea to buy fruit and veg and give it out for free to people struggling to afford healhty food in South Middlesbrough
Pride Sibanda
With his community at PCCI in central Middlesbrough, Pride is starting a summer school to equip young people with basic skills and positive role models
Chris Stuttard
Based in South Bank, Chris wants to create opportunities for community to develop – looking towards a hub/café idea in the heart of old South Bank
Dave Plant
Park Kidz: As part of the new Tots2Teens program, Dave and his volunteers run a summer detached program in Gresham, rotating around the small parks provinding games life messages
Jane Perrott
Bulding on the work on Whinney Banks over the last 5 years, Trinity Church is transforming it’s entrance into a café area for the community. They need help decorating the new room
Hannah Clark
Hannah is putting together places for ‘social eating’. Starting with an evening at mima, diverse groups are encouraged to come together and build community over food – sourced from supermarket stuff that would otherwise go to waste. The food is offered on a pay-as-you-feel basis, maing it accessible to everyone
Claire Bouskill
Fahrenheit bookshop has become a hub for radical idea and helping people on the fringe of society. They are seeking to open space for people using their building to express themselves through art
Kate Reader
In the aftermath of sithing cuts to vital services for young mothers, Kate is part of a peer-supprt group offering resources and guidance to breast-feeders in the Teesside area
Emily Hesse and James Beighton
Emily and James started New Linthorpe Pottery as way of connecting Teessiders with the ground under their feet and their longer industrial heritage. Their projects bring together people from lots of backgrounds to make pottery from local clay. Their kiln recently broke and they need support to help them keep going
Emma Watson
Working with residents groups in Park End and Thorntree, Emma provides opportunities for people to try new skills and to share passions.
Sarah Falconer
The Hope Foundation offer lots of help to people in Middlesbrough, seeking to improve their skills and emplyability. Alongside their education centre, they want to offer social nights to benefit the people coming along
Morbid is a local historian and poet based in Middlesbrough. He has a massive interest in the development of the town and wants to create a platform bringing together the disparate networks devoted to knowledge about the past in Middlesbrough
Catherine Howell
Fracking is in the news, with the government suddenly pushing through permission for sites across the region to begin work. Catherine is part of a network trying to oppose fracking because of the danger it poses to our local environment. They will be sharing info about the hydraulic fracturing process as well as showing solidarity with communities in the shadow of wells
St Barnabas Church, St Barnabas Road,Middlesbrough,-TS5 6JR
Starting on
5S December 2019
Ending on
5S December 2019
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GBP Donation £4+