What's the idea behind Soup?

Soup is a monthly networking and fundraising night, connecting people who care about Boro, supporting 3 great causes each month, putting the power in our hands

We heard about the idea being used in Detroit (USA) and loved it! We’ve adapted it a little to make it fit our context here in Boro!

What's the format? How does it work?
Turn up
Listen to some fine music
Hear pitches from three local grassroots groups
Chat over a nice bowl of soup
Donate to the group(s) who caught your attention.

Power to the people!

How much should I donate?
We suggest a minimum donation of £4. We’d love it if you could give more because every penny goes to small community groups with innovative ideas to make our town a better, fairer place. Also, the money is matched by other organisations. That means that everything you donate is actually boosted!

We also realise that not everyone can afford to donate much. Give what you can. Boro Soup is a meeting point for a movement as well as a fundraising night. We want you to feel able to come, whatever position you’re currently in 🙂

How is the money split?
This event is an experiment in participation and people power. On the night you donate however you see fit.  Money is matched by a partner organisation to boost the takings for the three projects pitching. (Some Soup events have a single ‘winner’ but we’ve opted for it to be shared out)
Who organises Boro Soup?
Hope4Boro is a movement working to bring together every day activists and ordinary radicals who care about Middlesbrough. We’re really keen on networking events that simply allow us to share a space with each other. Soup is an idea which matches a lot of our driving principles so we’ve had a team developing this event since July 2015. We also believe in sharing power and undoing control so Soup is an emerging thing, with its own planning team . Do you want to be involved? Get in touch on facebook Or chat to the team at an event.
Who can present an idea?
Pretty much anyone but we do have some key criteria to help us choose.
We’re passionate about small, local community groups with a fresh idea to improve Boro.
Projects less likely to be given funding elsewhere.
And we’re really into creative ideas with potential to re-imagine the world.

You may be an individual, small group, charity or even a company. Contact us here if you want to apply. Our networks are quite broad so we always have people to invite but we’re open to proposals and will soon have a way for you to show an interest.

Where is Boro Soup held?
Our core event is at TP Coffee House in the Boho area of Middlesbrough (near the train station, the police, the Bongo…). TS2 1BB.

We’re also trying out locality events and other one-offs.  Boro Soup is at TP in September, Pallister Park in October, Bar Zero in town in November and back at TP for  Christmas special in December.

Are there any other Soup events in the area?

There certainly are! Our friends in Stockton are going strong with an event at the ARC. We’re helping start something in Darlo and Hartlepool later in 2018 and Redcar is on the cards. Our team have been trying to keep track and Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull, Newcastle and Walker all have events we want to visit soon.