This space exists to connect those who want to make Middlesbrough, and the wider world, a better place. Hope4Boro is a networked collection of people and projects trying to make a difference. We come from a range of backgrounds and represent a proper mix of interests, but we share a lot of common ground.

Our aim is to encourage existing networks and help build new ones. It’s to connect the potential already lurking in this town – new life growing within the cracks and shadows of this place. Anyone can be an activist. We want to stimulate radical answers to the big questions, but without resorting to the values of empire and domination. We want to launch innovative new projects and see this town transformed!

A movement like this has to be careful about stifling itself with dogma, or failing to grasp shared purpose. So we work from a fluid set of ‘co-ordinates’ – some adaptable principles we value:

Equality, Connection, Solidarity, Sharing