Mama Mates is a voluntary community organisation, supporting parents in Teesside. We see ourselves as a village of parents, trying to help each other through the most difficult periods.

We offer support and information on things such as: Breastfeeding Attachment and Gentle Parenting Natural Parenting Babywearing Co-Sleeping Bedsharing Reusable cloth nappies and wipes Baby Led Weaning Infant feeding guidelines Positive discipline Mental health.

– We set up regular local events and meet ups to help mums meet other mums and help prevent isolation, depression and anxiety.
– We put together care packages for mums who are very stressed and feeling down.
– We signpost to services across Teesside for things like talking therapies, Home Start, the local sling library, breastfeeding support, weigh-in clinics etc…
– We batch cook and deliver food to mums who just can’t find the time to cook and eat.
– We set up community events a few times a year.
– We run a free book library so parents don’t have to spend money to access quality parenting, breastfeeding and birth books.
– We have a community garden where parents and children can spend time together learning about food and how to grow food.
– We organise regular meet ups at various locations around Teesside, so don’t forget to join our event group (details in the files section).

They say “It takes a village to raise a child” but not all of us have family and friends around to help us. If parents need a little help or advice, the group is there for support.

Lucy Cuzzocrea

Mama Mates writer

Lucy is A co-founder of Mama Mates – an impressive network of parents, based in Teesside, who are committed to building spaces for sharing and community. Lucy is active in crafting progressive ideas to bring people together and build a better world for local families

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