A healthy holiday help

Game On is the seventh year of a Teesside network of school holiday projects.

Despite the problems we face as a region, we are surrounded by opportunites for better. For affordable activities. Healthy food. Positive chances. For all our young people!



Sessions provided

Young people supported

Meals & healthy snacks served

Affordable fun activities

Bright ideas for working together

Healthy food provision

In locations across Teesside


Conversations that matter

Using community resources

#GameOn is a partnership of grass-roots organisations from all sorts of backgrounds. Following on from the successes of hope4summer, this is a space for communities to make sure that the school holidays are the best they can be for everyone. That means affordable activities within reach, healthy food as an option and crowd-sourced ideas to help make the holidays work for families across Teesside.

Below you’ll find a map of the groups in our network and a week-by-week guide for their summer activities.
And there’s more out there! Other groups, networks, great ideas under our noses.

We are here to shout most about this grassroot network but there are loads of amazing things to do in Teesside this summer. Check in on the Councils, National Parks and other networks you know about.

We asked for more ideas for families and this is what people came up with in the first week…